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Lead generation is a tough process. But a strategically designed email campaign can help you a long way in generating effective leads. To reduce the manual work, Corum8 offers “Email Campaign with sales funnel” service to its clients. We create a sales funnel for your email campaigns which runs automatically on our servers for your chosen list of email addresses. We filter out prospects from your email database that are your most probable customers and provide you the filtered list.


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Simply increase the product quantity to the number of months you want the product subscription and your offer will be automatically applied to the cart.

We will create a customized and automated sales funnel for email campaigns of your company for 1500 email addresses with 5 emails per user with follow ups based on email receiver’s behaviour towards the last email.

With sales funnel, you will have analytics of who have opened your email, who have clicked upon the link and who have replied.

Customized follow up emails will be sent to your prospects based upon their different behaviors towards initial email. This mean that a different email will be sent to those people who have opened up your email, different email to people who have not opened up your email and a different email to those who have clicked the link in email.

All positive responses to email campaign will be forwarded to the customer.

If you add more than one of this product to your cart, we will run campaign over 1500*(order quantity) email addresses.

Lead page with funnel and mail campaign is included in service.

We will scrap email addresses from LinkedIn based on location, industry, company profile, position of the person and scrap email address from various company’s website links.

Delivery – 30 days

*Corum8 will contact you for your company details, email to be sent and all other details required once order is placed.

*You can also opt for running your campaign on email addresses which is a multiple of 1500. Then we will run your campaign on (order quanity * 1500) email addresses.