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Facebook is the biggest social media platform today. Therefore, it plays a vital role in generating leads as well as increasing community engagement for any company. But it is not possible to manually find people that matter to your company from over 2.5 billion users of facebook. That is where Corum8’s bot army helps. you. These bots are capable of finding people that are important to you and start engagement with them automatically.

Bot Type

Scrape members facebook group, Scrape facebook posts around specific topics, Scrape users interested in specific industry/product/topic, Auto comment, Auto like, Auto DM


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  • Scrape users interested in specific industry/product/topic
  • Auto comment
  • Auto DM


We will create one customized Facebook bot for you to automate your Facebook profile/page.

The bot can scrap people from groups, auto-like posts, auto-DM people etc.

BOT 1: Scrap all members of a public facebook group
BOT 2: Scrap facebook posts written around specific topics
BOT 3: Scrap users interested in specific industry/product/topic
BOT 4: Auto comment on facebook posts
BOT 5: Auto like facebook posts
BOT 6: Auto DM to facebook users


Delivery – 15 days

*Recommended – Facebook Marketing plan with this product.

*Corum8 will contact you for details once order is placed.