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Pinterest is one of the most strategically curated social media platform. Hence, audience relevant to your industry can be targeted much more effectively on pinterest. Having a pinterest channel of your company is very effective to connect to users relevant to your industry. And a strategically designed marketing plan can help even startups kickstart their journey on pinterest. Corum8 helps companies and startups create and execute a strategic marketing plan for Pinterest to grab attention of the community that matters to you the most.

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3 posts/week, 4 posts/week, 6 posts/week


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  • 3 posts/week
  • 4 posts/week
  • 6 posts/week


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We will do Pinterest marketing for you by doing regular posts on your Pinterest profile. This will increase your brand awareness, engagements with your company, SEO Rankings, brand loyalty, and drive more traffic to your company website.

Posts will be rich in media and proper Hashtags will be used to increase engagements in each post.

Posting will be done for 4 weeks for each order.

*Corum8 will contact you for all the details required once order is placed.

*You can also opt for getting more followers within a single month. Simply increase the order quantity and we will increase your fan base by (order quantity * traffic).