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Globally, over 1 trillion dollars are spent annually on sales forces. However, average success rate in sales falls below 20%. About 50-80% of leads come from marketing team of the company. The sales cycle is a long process and requires a lot of manual work and human resources increasing company costs. On an average companies require 18 follow ups before they can convert a lead. Thus, you can see, it requires a lot of resources for any company to increase its sales. That is why, Corum8 has come up with innovative ways to increase Sales and Lead Generation of industries at Minimal Costs. With our expertise in AI, we automate the process of sales so you get more sales in less time while requiring minimal manual work. We generate  both B2B and B2C leads from Social Media by our specialised Growth Hack techniques. We also generate leads for companies by traditional Email Campaigns which work along with our AI to see customer responses to the campaign and modify the campaign accordingly. All generated leads are then forwarded to client for further processing.


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Use this package to increase sales of your company. We will manage lead generation to complete sales funnel of your company.

Package includes:

  1. B2B LinkedIn lead generation: 3000 LinkedIn inmails to your connections per month.
  2. B2B/B2C  Facebook Growth Hack: Scrap facebook users related to your industry and send them personal message on messenger introducing your service/product – 30 messages per day.
  3. B2B/B2C Instagram Growth Hack: Scrap posts relevant to your industry and send them personal message about your services/product (30 messages per day) + Auto commenting on posts
  4. Telegram Marketing: Scrap people from Telegram group and add them to your group. Regular posts in this group and also personally message these people about your products/services.
  5. WhatsApp Marketing: We will send introductory message to 2000 people on WhatsApp about your services/products. Contacts will be provided by client.
  6. Email Campaign with Sales Funnel – Emails campaign over 3000 email addresses with follow ups for lead engagement and conversion. Corum8 will be responsible for searching email addresses filtered on the basis of location, industry, company, seniority level etc.
  7. Email Campaign without Sales Funnel – 10000 marketing emails

Service time – 30 days

*Corum8 will contact you for all the details required once order is placed.

*You can also opt for increasing user engagement/emails/DMs etc within a single month. Simply increase the order quantity and everything will become multiple of order quantity.