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The worldwide market of SMS marketing is about $47B annually. Clearly SMS marketing plays an important role in marketing domain. For any B2C business, this is one of the most prominent method of lead generation and retaining customers. However, managing these SMS campaigns and analyzing their results is not a very easy task. Corum8 helps you run and manage SMS campaigns for your business along with analytics of your campaign to review its success.


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We will do SMS marketing for you. We will also provide a virtual phone number to you for SMS marketing purposes.

SMS marketing includes scheduled broadcast messages to specified contacts to create brand awareness, offer your services or update your customers about offers and discounts on your platform.

Marketing campaign will run for 30 days for each order over 5000 contact numbers.

*Corum8 will contact you for details once order is placed.

*You can also opt for running your campaign on contact numbers which is a multiple of 5000. Then we will run your campaign on (order quanity * 5000) contact numbers.