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With 3.5 billion active users worldwide on Social Media, it is one of the most important marketplace for any business. People spend over 3 hours per day on an average per day browsing social media. 73% of marketers believe that Social Media helps increase their business. Hence, social media becomes an important aspect in growing your business/project and to increase your revenue and brand engagement. With almost 68% of total social media users active on Facebook, Facebook becomes one of the prominent leaders in the industry. While LinkedIn is the biggest social media platform among professionals. Instagram has 500 million active stories daily and becomes one of the important marketplace for E-commerce brands. Twitter is one of the oldest social media platform and has a history of driving community towards trends. Quora has become very important channel now-a-days to increase online brand reputation of the companies. Corum8 offers marketing on all these channels with its Social Media Marketing Package along with the traditional Email Campaigns offered as an add-on to boost your brand.


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Use this Social Media package that meets all Social Media Marketing needs of your company. The package provides Social Media Marketing on all the major international Social Media channels.

Package includes:

  1. Instagram Marketing
  2. LinkedIn Marketing
  3. Facebook Marketing
  4. Twitter Marketing
  5. Regular postings on all above mentioned channels, 5 posts/week

Service time – 30 days

*Corum8 will contact you for content once order is placed.

*You can also opt for increasing the user engagements within a single month. Then we will provide user engagements for each social media profile which is a multiple of order quanity.